Monday, November 22, 2010

Home learning

Just a quick reminder that Home learning this term is the Korero rotation which everyone is doing a wonderful job having themselves prepared for their turn. This is a self management exercise as well as practicing those presentation skills of speaking clearly to an audience.

Reading - every night from their classroom browsing box.
Spelling - from the STEPS programme. Each week your child will bring a list from the programme to learn and these are tested within the programme. I would like to also see these words put into a sentence each in the homework book.
Maths - There are lots of activities on the blog that link in with what we are doing in the class. For activities that are not on the computer you can play maths games such as King of the Mountain. This is a dice game; roll 2 dice and add, subtract, divide, multiply the numbers together. You can also use playing cards in a similar way. The emphasis is quick recall of basic facts and just knowing the basic facts to 10 and 20.

Our School is an Enviro School and are reducing the photocopy sheets of work that get glued into books that are often not completed or get lost.
In my day my small country school did not have a photocopier and we had to write into our own books! Interesting how dependent we can become and how times change!
The home learning I have given is to reduce the impact on the environment and to support the students self management. I try to support all the different ways of learning and try to give a variety of options that fit within the busy lives of children. Home learning is developing the self management skills that students need in their future lives.
It is the 21st Century!

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